Cut, heated, hammered
welded and made into useful art and more

‚ÄčForge Ahead

Your Boat in Copper

I can make a copper replica of yourboat. If you would like a miniature of your favorite work boat or weekend fishing toy, read on. Shown here is a replica of The "Ironic" (sort of ironic that this replica was made of copper not iron) . The "Ironic" is a boat that was made by Coludburst Fishing co. in Eureka. The "Ironic" is set up for the Herring fishery, but is currently fishing for Salmon off the Northern California Coast.  This boat is kind of an Iconic boat as it is a bow picker with an interesting wheelhouse on it. I made this copper replica as a gift to the boat's maker and curent owner.   I guess he liked it - he keeps it in his office. 

I can build a copy of your boat too.   All I will need from you to give you a price quote is pictures. Bow, stern, port and starbord and a view from the top is really helpful.
The more photos I can get the better and more detailed I can get.  Call me or email about your boat and we'll get going right away.

Cut, heated, bent,
and bra
zed into art