‚ÄčForge Ahead

Cut, heated, bent,
and bra
zed into art
Cut, heated, hammered
welded and made into useful art and more

Meet the Artist


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Pat Blair. I currently live in Humboldt County, California and I have lived here in the Redwoods for over 30 years.  I have owned a bicycle shop, had jobs where I had to wear a hard hat to work, and had jobs that required a suit and tie. I prefer the Hard hat.

One of my sisters took me to a working metal sculptor's studio when I was a boy, and I was immediately taken with this medium.  As soon as I was able to earn enough money, I purchased a set of tanks and torches and learned to weld and braize with them. I can't imagine not having a set of torches.  

Take that kid and add forty years of experience, a few good dogs, a lovely and happy family, and you have me now - only a little grayer.  That forty years experience has allowed me to do stuff with a torch that can really be cool. (see "fun Stuff"). 

I was on a job recently and was given some scrap copper from a sheetmetal job. I took that scrap home and immediately fell in love with this new to me material.   Thanks for looking,  and I hope to hear from you with an order soon.