Cut, heated, bent,
and bra
zed into art
Cut, heated, hammered
welded and made into useful art and more

‚ÄčForge Ahead

Meet the Artist


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Pat Blair. I currently split my time between Humboldt County, California and Petersburg, Alaska.  I have lived here in the Redwoods for over 40 years, and now have a home and studio/shop in Petersburg.  Petersburg is located on Mitkof island in Southeast Alaska, the part of the state known as the Panhandle.  I owned a bicycle shop in 1979-1983, had jobs where I had to wear a hard hat to work, and had jobs that required a suit and tie. I prefer the Hard hat.  In addition to Metal sculpture,  I now run a small bicycle shop in Petersburg.

One of my sisters took me to a working metal sculptor's studio when I was a boy, and I was immediately taken with this medium.  As soon as I was able to earn enough money, I purchased a set of tanks and torches and learned to weld and braize with them. I can't imagine not having a set of torches.  

Take that kid and add fifty years of experience, a few good dogs, a lovely and happy family, and you have me now - only a little grayer.  That fifty years experience has allowed me to do stuff with a torch that can really be cool. (see "fun Stuff"). 

I was on a job a number of years ago and was given some scrap copper from a sheetmetal job. I took that scrap home and immediately fell in love with this new to me material, and work almost exclusively in copper now.  Thanks for looking,  and I hope to hear from you with an order soon.