‚ÄčForge Ahead

Cut, heated, hammered
welded and made into useful art and more
Cut, heated, bent,
and bra
zed into art

Copper Bracelets

In 2013 I made my sweetie a copper bracelet as a gift, and the Forge Ahead line of copper bracelets was born. She loved it, and wore it everywhere. She liked it so much, I made her another, and sure enough, she loved it too. As she wore these to work and to different social occasions, she got compliment after compliment. "Where did you find those?" "Those are lovely, where did you get them?" seemed to be the questions of the day any day she wore these simple bracelets. I started experimenting with different styles and giving more as gifts. Before I knew it, I was spending more time making bracelets than making commissioned art. Not a terrible thing as I can get pretty creative doing bracelets, and they are fun for me to make. I continue to create new designs and I currently have about twenty five different and unique designs, and that is the fun part. I'm always hammering out new styles and designs for these things. These bracelets are made entirely from post construction recycled copper. The coloring you see on the bracelet is a result of "flame painting."Flame painting is a technique of bringing the copper to a specific temperature then cooling it down. The colors are actually micro crystals just like the ones that you hang in your window on a sunny day to create the rainbows on the floor and walls. These crystals refract the light and cause the colors to show up. After a considerable amount of wear, the brilliant colors fade to a very pretty nut brown color. Take your pick $35. Each