Cut, heated, bent,
and bra
zed into art
Cut, heated, hammered
welded and made into useful art and more

Forge Ahead

Forge Ahead Copper Sculpture


From the heart of Northern California's Redwoods, welcome to Forge Ahead copper sculpture.  If you are looking for something unique as a gift - look no more.  I braize up copper boats from my standard stable, or I can make them to order for you. 

I can also replicate your boat in copper. All I will need from you is a few pictures of your boat and a little time.

Check out my selection of Forge Ahead copper bracelets. They are some of the most uniquely designed copper bracelets for women and men out there. 

I also make working stock Brands, Tack brands, and Burger Burners (your brand on a hamburger bun sized branding iron for your Barbque).  

If you want to give a gift that will be sure to show that you are thoughtful and give a hoot about the recipient, you have  found it!